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On a mission to help 10,000 Canadians to find a job doing what they love.

Organize your job search.

  Access tools and resources and connect with others.

Save your favourite tools and job search goals.
Get answers about your job search.
Attend weekly events, learn and connect with others.
Learn about your communication style and job search skills.
Access practical templates you can use right away.
Level-up your skills by completing courses on-demand.
Access action steps to get results on your goals.
Live Chat
Access one-on-one personalized coaching.
Weekly Office Hours
Live coaching sessions to get support and advice.
  • Live events
  • Community chat
  • Job Tracker
  • Tools and resources
  • Resume builder
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1:1 Coaching
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  • Everything in free, and:
  • Live chat coaching
  • Resume review
  • Linkedin profile review
  • Personalized action plan
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What's included in the FREE plan?
90% of the features are included in the FREE plan to get you started on organizing your job search and landing a job faster.
What if I need more support?
This is where the PRO plan can provide one-on-one live chat coaching, and weekly office hours if you prefer the individualized support.
How is this membership different from other programs?
Digital first. Built this platform from the ground up to be delivered online 100% with a focus on providing the best member engagement and support.
What if I'm only thinking of making a career switch?
At the hear of this platform is to empower you to grow in your career, even if that means switching to a new one. And you can find great advice and connect with others who are pursuing the same path as you.

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