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Dana Ly is a freelance eLearning Designer who partners with Canadian brands to design learning experiences that drive behavioural change.

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Hi, I'm Dana

I'm an eLearning designer and developer with a full command of the instructional design process. If eLearning will help solve your performance problem, then I'll convert your content (whether it's on paper or in an expert's mind) into eLearning that's interactive, engaging, and effective.

I can oversee your project from start to finish, manage your timeframes, write your content and develop your end product for you.

eLearning Design

Need someone to create an eLearning project from the ground up? I can work with your experts and existing content to design and develop engaging learning. I provide my own custom graphics, tools, and narration.


Here are some of the main services I offer and the different ways that I can assist you.

eLearning Design

Need someone to create an eLearning project from the ground up? I can work with your experts and existing content to design and develop high-end eLearning. I'll also outsource professional narration, custom illustrations, and motion graphics work as needed.

Pure eLearning Development

Do you have a production-ready storyboard? Or maybe you need to add complex functionality to an existing course? I can provide eLearning development support to your existing teams to help solve tough technical problems and bring projects to life.

Corporate Communications

Whether you need an infographic designed, an interactive diagram, a website, a video or another type of corporate communication, it should be well thought out and considered as another piece of learning material.

"Dana has helped us right from the concept stage of our e-learning program, through to design, testing, and delivery. He's been fantastic to work with. Dana has really listened to our ideas, melded them with  his own expertise, and then created a beautifully designed and modern e-learning product that people are loving. He really took the time to build a relationship with us, to understand our business and our subject matter. It's obvious that Dana wants the best outcome for his clients, and it's evident in his honest  communication, his dedication, and ability to create engaging and memorable content. Looking forward to lots more collaboration with Dana."
Tomasz Zajac
Vice President, Client Relations and Recruitment at Knewsales Group
"I’ve had the pleasure of working very closely with Dana on all training developments for Up Fundraising.  I found him to be consistent, tackling all assignments with dedication. His interpersonal skills are exemplary and appreciated by everyone who works with him. Dana has successfully developed e-learning courses that have resulted in increased product awareness and performance levels across all Up Fundraising campaigns.  He is well organized, managing deadlines effectively and always keeping track of the details necessary to maintain a high standard and quality in training."
Aspa Palamiotis
Vice President, Client Relations at UP Fundraising

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