Dana Ly


Learning Experience Designer

About Me

Learning Experience Designer

Certified Professional

8 years of experience designing creative and engaging learning programs that drive behavioural change.

Digital savvy

From video creation, or designing animated graphics, to building complete online courses, I can design and develop from end-to-end.

Dana is a dream partner in the leadership space and in our work with the DiSC assessment. DiSC is one of the most clear, practical and useful tools for business professionals to gain greater self-awareness and adaptive capability. I recommend him to everyone!

Joanna Kirke
Executive Coach at Kirke Leadership

Dana has helped us right from the concept stage of our e-learning program, through to design, testing, and delivery. He's been fantastic to work with. Dana has really listened to our ideas, melded them with  his own expertise, and then created a beautifully designed and modern e-learning product that people are loving.

Tomasz Zajac
‍Director of Recruitment and Client Relations at Knewsales Group

Dana has successfully developed training courses that have resulted in increased product awareness and performance levels across all Up Fundraising campaigns.  He is well organized, managing deadlines effectively and always keeping track of the details necessary to maintain a high standard and quality in training. Dana would be an asset to any employer and I recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.

Aspa Palamiotis
‍Vice President of Client Relations at UP Fundraising

Working with Dana is a wonderful experience! At Silver Lining Marketing, Dana helped us with creating and designing an entirely new eLearning training program from scratch in Articulate Rise. He not only built the lengthy online course, but also created numerous dynamic videos for the program and provided audio voiceovers. I would gladly work with Dana again, and would highly recommend both him and his work to anyone looking for high-quality output.

Cathy Newby
Director of Training at Silver Lining Marketing

Sample Projects

Knewsales Group


Launched a microlearning platform for front-line sales reps.
Sales reps have limited time, motivation and capacity for training, so spearheaded, designed and launched a micro-learning learning program (with Ottolearn platform) for teams across Canada to have bite-sized learning experiences (5-8 minutes). Every shift each rep completes their bite-sized content to make learning as part of the culture and help reps grow their sales skills and product knowledge.

Elements included gamification with points system, leadership boards, and rewards for increasing their levels to encourage motivation and participation.

Also, encouraged inclusivity through scaffolding: that learning gets assessed for baseline knowledge and lessons are differentiated based on level and learners can achieve new levels with passing knowledge checks and the theory of spaced repetition to allow learning to stick.

Building Online Courses.

Developing a safe workplace and culture.
Diversity and culture was vitally important to build at Alayacare given that they have a dispersed workforce and primarily being remote at the tech company. They hired me to come in and build an online course (using Articulate RISE) that can really bring their policies to life that was a hefty, and dense PDF of text.

Therefore, I created a host of videos that are micro-sized and engaging that sought out to allow people to feel a sense of warmth and care that Alayacare has for each employee. I scripted and storyboarded the videos working with SME's and found video assets and voice-overed the audio and completed the editing myself with Camtasia (software).

Other Projects

At Home Depot, I build an online course for their contact centre educating reps on each department and what their roles and responsibilities look like. There problem we were solving was many departments had a lot of churn and we needed a pipeline of reps that would be comfortable cross-training in other departments. This was also used in onboarding and continuous education. I worked with SME in understanding their roles, and storyboarding and creating the videos myself with VYOND.
I created a course for job seekers on strategies to job search successfully. It entailed topics like resume writing, interview skills and job search strategy. I wrote the script and created the content and videos on my own using VYOND. The main strategy was breaking down content into microlearning and smaller chunks.